High Speed Film

With all of the technology in the digital camera world, ISO isn’t much of a worry.  But with film where you have to pick your ISO speed  with the roll of film and of course use it for all of the shots on that roll it is a different story.  With a higher speed film [...]

Sepia Film Scanning

One of the awesome aspects to the Fuji Frontier Scanner is the ability to do a sepia color on the pictures when scanned! Here is an example of that beautiful color!    

What is Film Made Of?

One of the main ingredients in film are Silver Halides……  

Fuji Pro400h Scan

Wanted to share a scan from the wedding we did this weekend for those of you looking for more samples.  This was in Wyoming shot with the contax and pro400h.    

Let Us Introduce Ourselves!

We are so excited today with our first Blog Post here at A Place For Film!  We are a Colorado Based Company specializing in Film!  Andy and I are professional photographers here in Colorado who photograph with a combination of film and digital.  We recently welcomed a Fuji Frontier Commercial Scanner to our business and [...]